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Serial Daters: How to Deal with them

Anxiety after the first date is something that happens, occasionally, people think they are going to be alone forever, probably you’ve seen them online and they did not talk to you or you just have been blocked from everywhere.

There are plenty of “serial daters” (Someone who dates systematically a lot of people in a short span of time, usually they do not get involved with anyone, are looking for something casual, this is also know as, no string attached), those people do not think about what the may have caused in the other, they only look after themselves (this is not a bad thing at all) but they do not care about anyone’s feelings just because, for them, “you are one more of their matches”.

This kind of persons do not help people to feel good with themselves, they feel rejected, once and then all over again, perhaps causing people to quit off the idea of dating someone who met online

How to know if you are dating a “serial dater”:

  • Serial daters are not cool with the idea of being single. They do not want to be alone, someone should be texting them or catching up with them as long as they can. Every free hour in their life is spent on Social Networks (looking for a possible future date) or just talking to someone through a dating site. They love to have “a line of people waiting to catch up with them”. Sometimes serial daters have self-esteem problems, they need people around just to feel worth it.
  • Even if they hate to be single, they do not want to be committed with anybody. That sounds weird, isn’t it? but it works that way, that is the reason why the do need to date lots of people all the time, they find more interesting to date someone new all the time. They feel more confident with themselves and even more wanted (does not matter if the date was or not a success). Sometimes it may be affected for previous bad experiences with relationships, they do not want to be hurt (but do not care about the other). 
  • They makes you feel like everything is perfect in every date. Perhaps they takes pictures of your drinks or dinner to upload to Instagram afterward, or takes picture of you two holding hands. They will make you feel like you are in a honey moon all the time. Not all that glitters is gold.

You may have a bit more of attention when you date someone, and perhaps do not expect anything from someone to not be disappointed later on. Look after yourself but you should care about other people’s feelings.

If you are looking for someone on a Dating Site be clear what you are after, not everyone is looking for something casual nor a relationship

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