Facebook Dating Guide

You may wonder the Facebook for Dating guide came about …

A few months ago, Facebook dating recognized that a guide like this was needed. They asked me to write it.  I accepted the offer on the condition that I could write without filtering or restrictions from Facebook dating .  Facebook dating saw the value of a candid third-party opinion and agreed.

Why did Facebook dating ask me?  Well, I’ve written two books about Facebook for Singles , and I teach singles about Facebook dating all over the U.S.  But most important, I am an administrator of a Facebook Group with more than one million members who connect every day to talk about relationships and love.  I know firsthand how Facebook dating will affect our social life style .

Our commitment to you is to provide an easy way to stay updated as changes occur with Facebook dating.  We created this website to do just that, in addition to providing you with even more insights, guidance, and resources.

We hope that you will find this site one of your most frequent stops when you are online.

Happy and safe friending,