FB Dating seduction process!

Fb Dating Qualification

What is “qualification”? Qualification is a part of your attitude that tells her that you value yourself, and that she is going to be challenged by you.
Let me explain it best through an analogy:

Do you remember high school tryouts? At the start of the year, if you wanted to get on a team, you had to go and put on your shorts, get out on the field, and demonstrate your ability to perform for the team. If you could run fast enough, or show enough skill, you might get on the team. Only the best were chosen to join each year.

So, how would you feel about a contest where everyone gets a prize at the end? Where there is no exclusive reward for having proven yourself? Would you feel motivated to perform?
You see a lot of this in the “non-competitive,” touchy-feely, new-age methods that a lot of children are being brought up in these days. Kids are being taught that conflict avoidance is the best route to success. While this can be true in some circumstances, these kids end up going to the extreme and never confront anyone. Everyone’s too afraid of hurting everyone else’s feelings. We’re all desperately trying to avoid any kind of contention. What they don’t realize is that struggle is a necessary part of growing up, as well as life itself. You may not want to compete, but the truth is that you have to compete.

Facebook seduction process

Qualification is the way you think of the process of seduction. You have to have a mindset that you are the coach, and these women that use fuckbook personals you’re trying to seduce are your cheerleaders coming to try out for the squad. If you let women reverse this situation on you, where they treat you like a lost little puppy looking for love, you’ll wind up at her mercy. And your chances for seduction are going to be entirely at her discretion, if she doesn’t lose her interest right away because you provide no challenge for her.

You are not there to perform for her. She must qualify for your team. What you are initially want to look for is:

  • A woman you find sexually attractive
  • A woman with a sense of humor and is friendly

You don’t need compatibility or almost any other traits to meet facebook  girls, until you decide you want to move her to a more permanent position on the team – and you only do this because she performs well through the season.

Make sure you are qualifying the women that use fuckbook personals you are looking to seduce, and don’t let them turn the tables on you.
We are ruled by self-interest. One of the fundamental traits of human beings is that we are all interested primarily in our own survival and our own lives in general. The more this need is met for us – feeling adequate, worthy, confident, etc. – the more we are able to reach out beyond this shell of selfish focus and attend to others. The truth is that self-interest wins out over altruism and good intentions every time.

This is not a bad thing. You have to have a certain fundamental level of selfishness in order to be able to do anything good for others. Ultimately, those people who can establish a firm sense of “self” in their life, have a much more fully charged battery pack for giving later down the road. They don’t burn out and die from martyrdom, and as a result, they give a great deal back to the world.

There’s a famous scene in “Wall Street” where Michael Douglas’ character,
Gordon Gecko, makes a speech about how “greed is good.” It’s a pretty convincing argument, and there are a few points that are true. In the spirit of his speech, I’d like to propose that being self-centered is good as well. Not to the extreme, but in a way that allows everyone to fully develop his or her sense of self-esteem and self- confidence. If we were all able to raise our levels of self-confidence and drop the need for defenses, we would experience much more fulfillment from our relationships. We would also have much less violence and conflict in society from those at the extreme edge of dysfunction – criminals and tyrants whose own low self-esteem thirsts for power.

A woman’s self-interest causes her to behave in certain ways. She looks out for her own safety, first and foremost. She also watches to determine if you will be able to meet her needs, over the short and long term. Will you be a good lover? Protector? Provider? She sees this by the posture and attitude you convey to her, by how convincing and how consistent it is.

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